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Catalog Number: F207     White 1ply Urethane x BB Antistatic

  This is an all purpose food belt commonly found in cooling tunnel and packaging machine applications. The belt is extremely flexible making this belt excellent for applications where product transfer area is short and nose bars are in use. The PU impregnated bottom fabric resists ingress of oils, fats, and particulates that cause delaminating and shrinkage. This belt is an excellent choice for check weighing applications where a splice, consistent in weight with the entire belt is a must.
Material: Polyurethane
Top Cover: Smooth
Bottom Cover: Bare Back
# Plies: 1
Carcass: Polyester
Color: White
Working Tension: 5 N/mm
Top Cover Thickness: 0.25 mm
Bottom Cover Thickness: 0 mm
Total Thickness: 0.7 mm
Weight (Approx): 0.76 kgs/m²
Min. Pulley Head: 0.31 in, 8 mm
Min. Pulley Tail: 0.31 in, 8 mm
Temperature Range: -25 to 60 C
Support: Slider Bed
Friction Coefficient:
Knife Edge: No
Lateral Stability: Yes
Oil/Fat Resistant: Yes
FDA Approved: Yes
USDA Approved: Yes
Recommended Fastener: UCM36XSP
Recommended Splice: Single Finger
Alternate Fasteners:
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