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Catalog Number: T302     Black PVG 120 C x BB

  An industry standard for general conveying, the belt's diverse applications include recycling, package conveying, fruits and vegetables, baggage and virtually all processing industries. The all-polyester, single-ply interwoven carcass provides low stretch, excellent fastener retention and good tear resistance, all at an economical price. The durable PVG compound offers mineral oil resistance and good wear characteristics. Also the PVG compound can handle lower temperatures than the standard PVC compound.
Material: PVC
Top Cover: Smooth
Bottom Cover: Bare Back
# Plies: 1
Carcass: Polyester
Color: Black
Working Tension: 120 lbs/in, 21 N/mm
Top Cover Thickness:
Bottom Cover Thickness:
Total Thickness: 0.135 in, 3.4 mm
Weight (Approx): 0.8 lbs/Sq Ft, 3.9 kgs/m²
Min. Pulley Head: 2 in, 51 mm
Min. Pulley Tail: 2 in, 51 mm
Temperature Range: -20 to 180 F, -29 to 82 C
Support: Slider Bed
Friction Coefficient: 0.25
Knife Edge: No
Lateral Stability: No
Oil/Fat Resistant: No
FDA Approved: No
USDA Approved: No
Recommended Fastener: RS125 Flexco
Recommended Splice: Single Finger
Alternate Fasteners: UX1 Clipper
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